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Network Hub and Cable


Genesis Communications is a minority female owned BPO with a passion to get back to the basics of Quality Customer Service. Every Genesis employee must be motivated to delivering a unique customer experience with every customer interaction.  “Our goal is that every customer feels after every Genesis experience, the agents were helpful, with a desire to reach a resolution and made sure the customer was satisfied with every call. The customer has to feel Genesis employees are here to help, that we gained agreement on their issue and that we offered them an acceptable resolution with every call.


Genesis Communications has 5 core values that we believe in and expect from every employee.

  • We will always operate with a high level of ethics and integrity.

  • We will do the right thing by our employees, customers, and suppliers each time we are given the opportunity.

  • We will honor and consider our employees, work-life balance. We will treat them with respect and help them reach their professional goals that may have seemed otherwise impossible.

  • We will remember why we are here, that is for the customer.

  • We will be focused and committed to providing the best Customer Experience with every interaction both internal and external.

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